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Body Wellness

바디 웰빙

Our Body Wellness therapies are thoughtfully composed to purify, invigorate and enrich the body care range bring the senses to life. These therapies can help circulate our blood flow.


Regular engagement of deep muscles and release of tension build-up can help the required nutrients and oxygen to circulate throughout your body, reaching your deep muscles and joints.

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KO-Taegeug Energy Treatment

코-태극 에너지 트리트먼트

Taegeug Energy Treatment is based on self-cultivation methods and principles of Qi (vital energy) sense, combined with modern high-tech technology. This treatment uses energy magnetic wave thermal technology to solve the body’s soreness, numbness, swelling, pain, blockage and other diseases with immediate effect. Bring balance and harmony to your body completely non-invasively and in a gorgeously relaxing process. 


Bojin Treatment

보진 트리트먼트

A one of a kind Bojin treatment that uses ox horn to apply pressure onto meridian points to stimulate acupoints or open up blockages on the body for better blood circulation as well as adding a healthy glow to your skin.


This treatment especially important in our often stressful modern environment as we sit on a position for too long, causing blockages in our meridian system. 


KO-Jeongi Body Therapy
코- 전기 바디 테라피

KO - Jeongi Body Therapy helps to reduce swelling, relieve pain, strengthen bones and muscles, improve the body’s self-repair ability, activate cells and extend cell life - all these by balancing the body’s bioelectric field. 


KO - Jeongi Body Therapy focuses on the element of human life and the most basic guarantee of life. KO - Jeongi Body Therapy is a new type of high-tech medical treatment equipment in sports medicine and sports medicine. It is the first choice for people in developed countries to prevent and treat diseases.

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