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Massage Treatments
마사지 트리트먼트

To achieve a perfect mind, body, spirit reconnect – whether you’re looking to relax, recharge or detoxify, In-Ko is the safe haven. We use 100% natural, organic essential oils and balms; our expert therapists will transport you to a world where time seems to stand still as they work their healing magic. Our treatments will enhance overall tranquillity of the body leaving you feeling balanced and calm.

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KO-Deep Tissue Massage
코-딥 티슈 마사지

A deeply stimulating massage that tackles problematic aches & pains. This treatment is great for people with chronic tension in their back or other areas. Our therapists will tailor the treatment to focus on your concerns. We aim to find the root of the discomfort and work it out of the tissue with this intensive session.  This style may utilise trigger point release techniques and is most suited to the regular massage goer.

Shoulder Massage

KO-Remedial Massage코-레미디얼 마사지

Remedial is a therapeutic and clinically corrective style of massage helping to treat concerns such as carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica & frozen shoulder for maximum results.  The style of massage may include trigger point release and other specialist remedial techniques.  At the conclusion of the treatment, the therapist will discuss further recommendations & an individualised treatment plan.

Massage Therapy

KO-Meridian Massage코-메리디안 마사지

Meridian Massage is a revolutionary therapy to improve health, promote functional movement and organ health. Using holistic approach to health and happiness based on Classical Chinese Medicine and Taoism (the root of Classical Chinese Medicine). The Meridian Massage Approach combines hands-on contact with acupressure points and meridians, self-care practices, and lifestyle adjustments. 

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