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A Comfort To Your Womb

For women who often find themselves battling menstrual cramps or grappling with discomfort after childbirth, we understand that these experiences can be challenging. At INKO, we're dedicated to making your daily life more comfortable and pain-free.

A Comfort To Your Womb

Disclaimer: We do not advise wearing our undergarments during menstrual cyle. You should wear it before and after your cycle.

We talked about the benefits of volcanic energy stones. These stones retain and transmit heat, so we've placed them on top of the womb to keep your womb warm.

Why is it necessary to keep your womb warm? It creates a more hospitable environment for a potential pregnancy. As a result, your menstrual cycle becomes more regulated. The warmth in your womb also helps to relax uterine muscles, reducing pain and discomfort during menstrual or after childbirth.

After giving birth, the warmth from the volcanic energy stone helps to promote uterine contractions, assisting with postpartum discharges, and help the uterus return to its pre-pregnancy state. Apart from nurturing womb, our undergarments also helps to correct pelvic deformation after childbirth.

Dealing with menstrual cramps is difficult. So is postpartum recovery, but you are not in this alone. Inko is here to help.

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