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Inko Wellness Garment

Inko Wellness Garment


Are you tired of struggling with weight gain, body pain, and pelvic expansion after giving birth? Do irregular menses and menses cramps make your life more difficult?


We understand the challenges faced by women, and that's why we spent several years researching and developing the wellness undergarment that allows you to achieve a beautiful figure and confidence effortlessly.


The wellness undergarment is designed to help you slim down by wearing it for just 8 hours which is the perfect duration to wear for sleep or work.

  1. Locking Fat Fabric: German high-molecular fixed fat fabric with scientific cutting to manage excess body fat effectively.

  2. Germanium Element Mesh: The fabric maintains a constant temperature and, in combination with the germanium element mesh, promotes blood circulation and boosts metabolism.

  3. Fat-Burning Fiber: It warms the waist and nurtures the kidneys, eliminating excess fat in the waist and abdomen to give you a slimmer waistline and eliminate a big belly.

  4. Volcanic Energy Stone: It warms and protects the womb, helps in removing dampness and congestion, regulates coldness in the womb, and relieves menstrual pain.

  5. Silk and Mugwort + Breathing Mesh: The bottom layer provides a comfortable and gentle care for women's intimate areas. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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