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A Comfort To Your Womb

For women who often find themselves battling menstrual cramps or grappling with discomfort after childbirth, we understand that these experiences can be challenging. At INKO, we're dedicated to making your daily life more comfortable and pain-free.

healthy warm womb and ovaries to regulate menses and help with postpartum recovery
Inko is not just an undergarment.

It's your intimate support and comfort.

all in one undergarment for slimming and wellness in Singapore that supports and fits all women
A Warm Embrace From Inko

It's 21°C in your office. You are feeling cold but not enough to wear a jacket. What would you do? For us, we incorporated volcanic energy stones to mimic a warm embrace.

body shaper that regulates women temperature
Our Secret to Easy Weight Loss

Girl's girl don't gatekeep and so here's our secret to our slimming shapewear: Germanium, a chemical element.

Germanium Natural Chemical Element
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