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Inko is not just an undergarment.

It's your intimate support and comfort.

Inko is not just an undergarment.

Our garment is the most intimate item we wear for nearly 24 hours for 365 days. Yet, to find the right fit for support and comfort takes as much luck as winning a lottery. So we took it upon ourselves to design a wellness garment that fits like a glove, shapes our body and provides us with health benefits.

What we developed after years of research is not a shaper nor a lingerie. It's everything — a stylish and comfortable wellness garment that fits, supports, and assists you in your slimming and wellness journey. Trust us when we say this is only the beginning of our journey.

We aim to design more variations of our wellness garments to ensure you can wear them for any occasion. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact our team as we love to hear from you.

Our vision is to empower you with unwavering confidence, fostering a nurturing community and sharing the secrets of wellness. Together, we aspire to build a world where you can feel your best every day.

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